About GAA

General Aviation Alliance

Partnership in Aviation

President – Air Chief Marshal (Rtd) Sir John Allison

Vice President – Lord Robin Rotherwick

The GA Alliance is an independent group and partnership of organisations representing, as far as possible, UK General Aviation (GA), and Sports and Recreational Aviation (S&RA) interests.

The GA Alliance objective is to promote and protect the cost effective use of GA and S&RA aircraft, and their owners, pilots and the associated operations, and to actively participate in the formulation of regulations and actions that may affect their interests, so as to ensure the welfare and the free and safe movement of these aircraft, pilots, owners and the associated operations.

The GA Alliance was formed specifically to address regulatory issues and matters of common concern to GA and S&RA. Activities are progressed with the agreement of member representatives through facilitation. Our objective in representation is to establish a joint common position which all members are content to sign up to, whilst recognising that the various sectors will also wish to present their own specific position and arguments in many consultation and aviation forums.

Established in October 2004 , the organisation has subsequently pursued GA, Sports and Recreational Aviation interests by direct interface with Government, relevant Civil Service Organisations and CAA. Change in factors affecting our interests both domestically and as a result of European change and legislation are very high and potentially extremely damaging to our interests. The GA Alliance, a group of like-minded aviation organisations directly representing tens of thousands of individuals,  is responding to ensure our position and interests are well understood and taken into account.