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The Joint Position signatories including the GA Alliance have described the need for their active participation in the development of a refocused Airspace Modernisation Strategy to implement a holistic airspace solution that will fully support aviation, the wider UK economy and the environment.

You can view the detail here.

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The departure from EASA and the reduction in flight movements due to the pandemic present the UK with a once in a lifetime unique opportunity to totally redesign outdated UK airspace, its regulation and procedures and the technology that supports it.

Following agreement by the GA Alliance, GATCO, BALPA, HCAP, and FISO, a joint position statement has been published.

You can view the statement here.

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The CAA has decided not to approve the Brize Norton and Oxford Airport airspace change proposals. Full details are available on the CAA’s CAP725 webpage.

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We’re delighted that the British Model Flying Association (BMFA) has joined the GA Alliance in partnership with BBAC, BGA, BHPA, BMAA, BPA, HCGB, LAA, PPL/IR Europe, and the RAeC.


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The GA Alliance has appointed a programme manager.

GAA member organisations are faced with a large and increasing number of airspace and other consultations. The GAA programme manager will provide the co-ordination and management needed to ensure efficient, effective and timely responses. The role is funded by GAA member organisations.

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The GA Alliance is involved in a significant and increasing amount of regulatory engagement and response activity, including that related to airspace modernization.

To provide professional support to its engagement and response activity, the GA Alliance is seeking a contracted Programme Manager.

The scope of the task includes the management of;

  • All consultations on issues launched by regulators and Govt
  • All airspace change proposals submitted under prevailing regulation
  • Liaison with GAA member representatives, GAA appointed consultants, and external stakeholders

This remunerated contractor role, that is initially likely to require the around 10 hours per week, will suit a person with a formal qualification in business administration or significant business administration experience, and who has knowledge of general aviation as well as a desire to learn more.

The closing date for applications is 29th March 2019.

Please submit a CV and application letter via email to or by post to;

Pete Stratten, GA Alliance Secretary, Lower Floor, 8 Merus Court, Meridian Business Park, Leicester, LE19 1RJ

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The GAA has published a statement regarding the CAA’s decision to approve the TAG/Farnborough ACP.  The GA Alliance is strongly opposed to what it believes is an unjustified, illogical and inequitable CAA decision.

The GAA statement can be viewed here.



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A GAA team led by Steve Noujaim and including Mike Barnard, Ed Bellamy and Brian Bates have drafted responses to both the Brize Norton and Oxford ACP consultations. The documents have been approved by the GAA member representatives and were submitted to the ACP proposers on the 3rd of April 2018.

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Twenty-one gliding clubs, other air sport clubs, and GA Alliance member organisations met last week to agree a strategy for responding to the recent airspace change consultations published by Osprey Consulting on behalf of RAF Brize Norton and Oxford airport. Steve Noujaim, a BGA club pilot and LAA pilot with military and commercial flying experience is leading a group who will be developing the response. The (revised) closing date for responses is 5th April 2018. During late March 2018, the response group will provide GA pilots with information to help them form and submit their own responses.

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The CAA has launched its new airspace change process. You can read more here.

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