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Position Papers

The following are position papers that address key topics of interest to the GA Alliance membership.

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General Reports

The GA Alliance produces periodic reports which can be requested by contacting us;

  • July 2018
  • January 2018
  • September 2017
  • July 2017
  • April 2017

Airspace Consultation Summary

Our periodically updated airspace consultation summary can be viewed here.

Consultation Responses

The links below are almost all to PDF files. Some are links to government or CAA websites.

Note that the CAA and DfT have reorganised their websites several times in the last few years and some older documents can’t be traced, perhaps due to updates resulting in them having a different name.

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September 2018

GAA response to CAA airspace modernisation strategy consultation

GAA online response CAA airspace modernisation strategy consultation

August 2018

National Planning and Policy Framework consultation

April 2018

Glasgow airport consultation response

LAMP2 consultation response.

Brize Norton and Oxford airport  ACP consultation responses

December 2017

Oxford & Brize Norton Airspace Change

GAA detail regarding the Oxford and Brize Norton consultations

Doncaster Airspace Change

GAA Response – GA Alliance Response Doncaster

Proposal for the Introduction of RNAV (GNSS) – external link

November 2017

Leeds Bradford Airspace Change

GAA Final Response – GA Alliance final response to LBA Airspace Change Proposal

The Change Proposal – The external link is no longer available

October 2017

DfT/Government Aviation Strategy

GAA Response – GAA Response to HM Government Final

Government View – The Future of UK Aviation – external link

June 2017

Airspace changes

GAA Submission – GA Alliance submission to Exeter airport airspace change consultation 5 June 17

Exeter website link no longer available

GAA Submission – GAA submission ACP Guidance CAP1465

CAA Consultation on Airspace Design, Draft  – external link

May 2017

Dft Airspace Strategy

GAA input – GA Alliance submission to DfT consultation Design and Use of Airspace May 17

Government Strategy – external link

See summary of responses – external link

HoC Select Committee

GAA input to HoC Select committee – Airports National Policy Statement new runway capacity and infrastructure

Government position,  Airports National Policy Statement inquiry – Future airspace strategy for the UK 2011 to 2030

March 2017

GAA input to HoC Select committee – GA Alliance submission to HoC Transport Select Committee on airspace management and modernisation

CAA position – Future airspace strategy for the UK 2011 to 2030

June 2016

GAA Response to CAP 1389 Airspace Change Process – CAP 1389 ACP Process GAA Response 15-06-2016 (Final)

April 2016

GAA Response to CAA Class F Post Implementation Review – Class F PIR GAA response

Feb 2016

GAA Response to Second UK State consultation on Harmonised Transition Altitude – Transition Altitude – GAA Response

GAA Response to Bigging Hill Airspace change proposal – GAA BigginResponse

January 2016

GBASF Annual Report on progress of Government GA Strategy & Red Tape Challenge Panel Report – GBASF GA Strategy Review Jan 2016 12012016a

Associated report on meeting with Aviation Minister of State Robert Goodwill MP – Meeting Report for CAA Websitev2

Nov 2015

GAA Response to CAA Civil Sanctions Consultation – Civil Sanction consultation

July 2015

GAA response to CAP 1284 NPPL Medical Requirements – GAA CAP 1284 response final

May 2015

GAA Response to CAA Review of ANO – GAA ANO consultation final

GAA joint review with AOPA & BBGA on HMRC consultation on new Commissioners Directive (GAR & GA Border Crossing) – Response to HMRC Consultation on new CDs

July 2014

Response to CAP 1188 CAA Consultation on future GA Policy – CAP1188 consultation

GAA Response – GAA response to CAP 1188 July 2014

BGA Response – CAP 1188 Response from BGA

BMAA Response – BMAA response to CAP 1188

May 2014

Responses to Farnborough (TAG ) Airspace change proposal

GAA Response – Farnborough GAA Response final

BGA Response – BGA TAG final

BHPA Response – BHPA Response to Farnborough Consultation

BMAA Response – Farnborough ACP BMAA Response

HCGB Response – HCGB Farnborough

LAA Response – LAA Farnborough

PPL/IR Europe Response – PPLIR Response to Farnborough ACP

December 2013

Response to CAA post-implementation review of Doncaster Class D Airspace – Doncaster PIR – GAA Response to CAA

Response to Southend Airspace Change proposal – Southend GAA Response Final

GA Alliance Consultation response to CAP 1123 – GAA Response to CAP 1123

July 2013

CAA consultation on Class F Airspace – GA Alliance Consultation response – GAA Response Class F Airspace

DfT Call for Evidence on Ballance of Competences between UK and EU – GA Alliance evidence statement – GAA Balance of competencies response 02072013

May 2013

DfT as part of Red Tape Challenge request for examples of CAA “Gold Plating” –  GAA Evidence statement – GAA Response on CAA Gold Plating

May 2013

CAA Post Implementation Review (PIR) of Norwich Airspace – GAA PIR statement – GAA Response to Norwich PIR

October 2012

DfT Draft Aviation Policy Framework – GA Alliance Response document – GAA Response Draft Aviation Policy

Sept 2011

DfT Sustainable Framework for UK Aviation

GA Alliance response document – GA Alliance response to DfT sustainable framework for UK aviation

DfT Consultation document – Click here

July 2011

DfT Olympic Restrictions 2011

Government Proposals

GAA Position paper – PAG brief Olympic Airspace Restrictions 29 June

Earlier Proposals removed from official website

March 2011

CAA Strategic Plan 2011 to 2016 Consultation

Consultation Document  – click here

GAA Response document – GAA input to CAA Strategy Consultation 2011

February 2011

CAA Future Airspace Strategy

Final CAA Document – no longer on CAA website

GA Alliance Consultation Response – GAA Response to FASv2 Final

CAA Consultation document – no longer on CAA website

November 2010

GA Alliance briefing to Theresa Villiers – PAG briefing November 2010 FINAL

Dec 2009

OFCOM Second Consultation to apply spectrum pricing to the Aeronautical sector

Consultation Document – aip2

Combined GAA & LAA Response – LAA & GAA Response ofcom2 – Final

DfT Regulating Air Transport: Consultation on Proposals to Update the Regulatory Framework for Aviation

Consultation document – no longer on DfT website

DfT Further statement following GAA Meeting – 100205 GA Summary Note _FINAL

Dft Presentation to GAA 22 Jan 2010 – 100129 Regulating Air Transport Consultation – GASF Event (FINAL)

GAA Response – GAA Regulating Air Transport Response Form 08.03.10

GAA Letter to DfT – GAA position paper Regulating Air Transport 08.03.10

EASA Consultation 2008-17 Pilot licensing

GAA Response to Medical CRD – GAA Response CRD 2008 17cMedical

GAA Response to Flight Crew Licensing – UK GAA response to NPA 2008-17B

GAA Response Medical – UK GAA response to NPA 2008-17C

March 2009 and Earlier

House of Commons Transport Committee inquiry into : The use of Airspace

Submission by General Aviation Alliance and Light Aircraft Association (20 March 2008) – GAA & LAA Submission on Airspace – Final 20.03.09

House of Commons Transport Committee inquiry into: The Future of Aviation

Submission by the General Aviation Alliance (26 Feb 2009) – Submission by GAA final 26.02.09

OFCOM Consultation on Spectrum Pricing

GAA response – GAA Response Letter -Ofcom1

LAA Response – LAA Response Ofcom1 Final

BGA response – BGA re Ofcom1 Consultation

Mode S phase 2

GAA Response – GAA Response phase 2

DfT Strategic Review of CAA- Sir Joseph Pilling Inquiry

GAA verbal submission notes – Pilling Discussion and submission points

Final report – not available on CAA website

Aviation Duty to replace Air Passenger Tax

Note this duty, also known as a “take off tax” or “Per plane duty”, is a separate issue from the fuel derogation noted below.

GA Alliance response – GAA response Duty- final

Treasury – EU Fuel Derogation withdrawal

GAA worked with other Associations to ensure a common front and in particular, avoid a significant tax increase on AVGAS. Issues with AVTUR remain.

Common GA Statement – Fuel Duty Derogation Common Statement

GA Alliance Response – GAA fuel derogation final

European matters

MDM 032 – Chairman (Alan Leroy’s) Briefing – not available on EASA website

Strategic and Regulatory Review of GA

These reviews, initiated in June 2005, have now been completed. Five members of the GA Alliance team were involved in the reviews representing General Aviation

Press Release 20 July 2006 – Press Statement

Strategic Review of General Aviation in the UK – StratReview (zip file containing the PDF)

Regulatory Review of General Aviation in the UK – RegReview

Aviation Security


GA Alliance Position statement – G A Alliance Position Statement Aviation Security Com2005 429 Final 21.08.06

Interoperability of all aircraft in UK (Mode S) – CAA Consultation

CAA Proposals to amend ANO – Mode S Enhanced – Full RIA and LOI v1.0- Feb 05

CAA Partial Regulatory Impact statement – for consultation – DAP_SSM_Proposal_to_Amend_The_ANO_to_Improve_Technical_Interoperability_AC

GAA Notes on Mode S and ADSB – GAA Interoperability Consultation Notes

GAA Position paper included in response – GAA Partial RIA Position Paper

SES information page – no longer available of Eurocontrol website

CAA Useful links page – no longer available on CAA site

Single European Sky Air Traffic Management Research (SESAR)

About SESAR – SESAR brochure

GA Alliance response to DfT Consultation – SESAR CONSULTATION RESPONSE FORM GAA FINAL 15.05.06

Government Response to Consultation – 060807 FINAL DRAFT Formal Government response to SESAR consultation

Coventry Airspace proposals

Coventry proposals – ConsultationCAS Complete

GA Alliance Response Document – Coventry GAA Response

DfT Consultation on EC proposed amendment to EC1592/2002

DfT Consultation document – dft_aviation_pdf_611043

GA Alliance Response Document – not currently available

General presentations on GA and Sports & Recreational Aviation

Presentation to Charlotte Atkins MP and DfT – Atkins DfT Presentation

Presentation To Parliamentary Aviators Group – Presentation to MPs for 6 June draft 6

Single European Sky Regulation & SESAME

DfT Stakeholder Group presentation – Presentation for Stakeholders 31.08.05

CAA Consultation on SRG Charges (Including JRT Report)

Trends in UK General Aviation – IHJRT Impact DRAFT

GA Alliance Position Statement On SRG & JRT Charging recommendations – CAA Charging Summary 003C

GA Alliance Response document – GAA Response JRT CAA 02

CAA Response to consultation – CAA Response

CAA Summary Appendix to Responses – detailing their analysis of responses – CAA summary of responses

GA Alliance response to CAA consultation response – GAA Consultation Response final 04.11.05

Parliamentary Review into the work of the CAA

Initiating document – original press release no longer available

GA Alliance submission – GA A submission – Final 09.11. 05

Transcom webpage and evidence transcripts – older inquiries no longer available

Government response – click here

House of Commons Report on “The Work of the CAA” PDF Format – click here (a later document than the one above)

House of Commons Report on “The Work of the CAA” HTML searchable Format – click here

Other Department of Transport Consultations

Application of UK Regulatory Requirements to Foreign Registered Aircraft Based Permanently in UK – GAA Paper final – 17.10.05

Other CAA Consultations

Mode S GAA draft position paper – G A Alliance Position Statement on Mode S rev2 27.07.05

Air Traffic Services Outside Controlled Airspace – CAA paper  DAP_ORA_ATSOCAS_Consultation

Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM)

Revisions to the Planning Policy Guidelines 3 PPG3 ODPM consultation document – original (archive version)  available online, while another archived version is here with updates from 2010

GA Alliance response letter – GAA-OPDM final