Terms of Reference

The General Aviation Alliance (GAA) is an independent grouping and partnership of organisations which individually promote the interests of General Aviation (GA) and particularly Sports and Recreational Aviation (S&RA) in the United Kingdom. Its objective is to co-operate and consult with government departments and other relevant organisations and bodies on regulatory and directly related matters to support and progress the best interests of their individual members in the enjoyment and promotion of that activity.

The principle objective is to mutually, in partnership, promote those interests within the United Kingdom and in particular ensure the required level of political and organisational representation without conflict of individual member Organisation or Association interests or their right of individual representation. European interests are promoted by Europe Air sports (EAS), GAA will support their activities and in particular in ensuring appropriate responses to regulatory bodies.

In order to achieve this objective the G A Alliance works to the following Terms of Reference :

  1. Establish and maintain a group, drawn from existing UK organisations fairly representing broad General Aviation interests.
  2. Consider existing, potential and future proposals from central regulatory bodies that may impact GA’s interests.
  3. Report to, and ensure appropriate and timely consultation with, members’ individual organisations when making joint representation.
  4. Discuss and make representation to appropriate legislative bodies that propose new / amended regulations that affect GA interests.
  5. Generally promote the interests of GA wherever possible by presenting an agreed member position.
  6. Unless previously unanimously agreed, all costs incurred by members remain the responsibility of each individual member and the organisation represented.